gps vehicle tracking

Eighteen-Wheelers, Fleet, and Commercial Vehicles
• Natural gas/propane providers
• Pest treatment companies
• Cable TV installers
• Delivery trucks
• Snowplows
• Cement mixers
• Oil and chemical tankers

Retail Delivery Trucks

Taxi Cabs / School Buses

Car Rental Companies

• Remote disabling of ignition
• Real time reporting of position, speed, mileage, and ignition of the vehicle
• Drivers logbook/history
• Backup battery
• Remote administration and diagnostics
• Remote firmware and software upgrades

• Monitors vehicle in real time
• Remotely unlock and lock doors
• Remotely disable engine

(ex: if vehicle is stolen or abused by driver)
• Reports all vehicle proximity to a given location
• Reports on all vehicle starts, stops, loss of GPS (due to failure or tampering)

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